Win more deals by improving your virtual selling execution

Obtain real customers' needs and identify best practices for successful conversation using interaction-analysis between seller and buyer

How Simpleem helps to improve salespeople performance

AEI algorithms help to measure and humanize interactions with customers

What results can you receive

Improving relationships with your customers influences sales KPIs directly
  • +25%
    Conversion rate
  • +89%
  • +42%
    Upselling/cross-selling ratio

Why Artificial Emotional Intelligence

Top performers use the tech stack and AI to humanize interactions with customers.
That's why they're thriving.
  • 80%
    General Challenge*
    of sales professionals agree their job is harder now and maintaining customer relationships is more important
  • 65%
    Communication Power**
    of sales enablement teams who focus on product demos are more likely to win deals
  • 80%
    Technology Power***
    of sellers who reached 150% of quota or more use sales technologies
  • 90%
    AI Power*
    High performers are 1.9x more likely to use AI than underperformers
(*) - State of Sales, 5th Ed (Salesforce); (**) - 2023 Sales Trends Report (HubSpot); (***) - LinkedIn State of Sales 2022 | U.S. & Canada Edition