Simpleem is an AI R&D Company

We focus on deep understanding of human Interactions and their Impact on Outcomes

We are creating the most accurate behavior-analysis technology that will help humanity to achieve a positive social synergy.
We called it
Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI)

Our Mission

Help society achieve positive synergy and enable individuals to navigate through social and communication barriers that seems impassable

Our Vision

We are going to create a highly accurate AI engine to measure and understand human behavior using real-world data, eliminating the weaknesses of laboratory research

Our Values

At Simpleem, our values guide how we work, define our approach to customers, and shape how we bring our mission to life

Industry Recognition

Simpleem is recognized by experts, media and industry leaders as Top AI solution for businesses

Why Simpleem Disrupts Industry

  • We Analyze ALL Interactions
    While businesses use notetakers to measure conversation efficiency and ignore 93% of interactions, Simlpleem digitizes 100% of signals and correlates them with business results.
  • We Trained AI-Models on Real Data
    5 proprietary AI models, designed and trained by experts with deep tech knowledge in AI, R&D, and Enterprise processes, infer on customer data for unique analysis and results.
  • We Build Correlations Between Behavior Insights and Results
    Within 3 years, Simpleem's proprietary AI models, trained on over 1 billion parameters from 10,000+ real business meetings, achieved 94% accuracy in correlating behavior with success.
  • We are Scientific-Based and Culture Agnostic
    Simpleem is based on Paul Ekman's studies of human universal emotions that are applied to any nation and cultural differences.
Boost your business with Simpleem AEI