Save resources on talent acquisition & increase retention rate

Reduce bias in talent management and improve engagement by making behavior and communication assessment more data-driven
How Simpleem helps to improve hiring & talent management process
AEI algorithms help to objectively and quickly assess candidates' behavior and communication discarding bias
What values can you recieve
Hire top-performers and increase employees satisfaction to boost retention and ROI
  • -25%
    Reduce turnover
  • -39%
    Decrease rump up time
  • +42%
    Increase in ROI

Why Artificial Emotional Intelligence

The highest-performing HR teams use AI to humanize work processes and build strong relationships with employees.
  • 61%
    Retention has a higher priority now*
    HRs claimed that they reinvest in engagement and listen to what employees want and need
  • 21%
    Global workforce feel engaged**
    Employers try to listen to employees and involve in the culture, but it's not clear what they really need
  • 62%
    Companies hard to track morale*
    It's much harder to establish rapport with employees due to bias and lack of employees' involvement in the culture
  • 50%
    Use AI to eliminate bias and increase retention**
    AI helps to find better candidates faster, provides impactful employee development and increases retention via engagement
(*) - State of People Strategy 2023 (Lattice); (**) - Talent management Where AI can 2022 (Harvard Business Review)