Boost your business results using Simpleem AEI (artificial emotional intelligence)
Use behavior analysis on video calls to make meetings more productive
Files, audios and video recordings are deleted after processing automatically
How Simpleem AEI works
True Understanding of How Behavior Patterns Really Drive Results
Turn on Simpleem AEI to discover exactly what interactions earn money for you
*Human capital ROI (return on investment) is a ratio that shows you how much your business earns compared to employment costs. You can use this to see how much is returned for every dollar invested.
1. Convert behavioral signals into data and link them with business metrics
2. Visualize how behavioral patterns influence on financial results
3. Create benchmarks that help to achieve the best business results
Choose your option of business boost with Simpleem AEI
Clear vision what behavior really define the success
Compare behavior to performance and highlight coaching opportunities.
Behavioral metrics
Business metrics
$ 12 000
  • Create key behavioral indicators to benchmark business results
  • Customize video communication process with different audience
  • See who need to enhance KPIs and where they need help
Behavioral metrics
Business metrics
$ 1 400
Detailed analytics
for the highest results
Monitor individual and group performance, note problem areas, and provide extra training when it could really help.
  • Monitor behavior and interactions dynamics
  • Compare individual reactions against a whole group
  • Assess correlations between behavior changes and business metrics
Boost your business with Simpleem AEI
For Whom
Staff assessment
  1. 2X increase in conversion rate
  2. Increase LTV by 50%
  3. +100% of engagement level in learning through analysis in AI
  4. Dozens Tb FREE - save on video storage
  5. Personalization of training and educational programs by analyzing behavior of each participant
  1. Time reduction of the candidate’s score assessment (-300%)
  2. Costs cut down of external (outsource) recruiters (-40%)
  3. Objectification in mass recruitment, exclusion of the human factor in selection
  4. Make nonverbal assessment more objective
  1. Аbsenteeism reduction (-47%)
  2. Reduce staff turnover by 50% through predictive burnout analysis. We save more than 1 annual salary for training and adaptation
  3. Reduce performance review time by 100%
  4. Make distance team management more comfortable for 78% managers
  5. Individualized choice of development direction
  1. Increase in the share of successful deals by 25%
  2. Reducing the time of closing a deal by 20%
  3. In revenue, profitability & relationship growth by 23%
  4. 89% Retention Rate increase
  5. Increase of customer satisfaction rate by 89.3%
Benefits for users
1. Flexible - use our sevice via Web or integration with API
2. Ready-to-use - can be used immediately after purchase
3. Easy to use - essential information is displayed in real time while a more detailed report is compiled, analized, and delivered to the client immediately after the conclusion of the meeting.
4. Convenience and security - all data is stored in the AWS cloud, so that all your data is safe and secure, while also making sure you never run out of space.
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