Uncover intentions, predict results with 94% accuracy and leverage behavior for success

We created Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) to measure ALL interactions and correlate them with concrete outcomes

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Conversation Intelligence doesn't work

You lose 93% of context analyzing only text
Interactions impact on conversation result:
  • 7%
    Verbal (Words/Text)
  • 38%
    Para-verbal (Voice/Sounds)
  • 55%
    Non-verbal (Visual cues)

Handle opportunities right

Successful conversation requires identifying mismatching and resonating moments.
Use AEI to dive deep into your customers' pains and intentions
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Qualify participants' intentions, prioritize resources, and forecast success with a high accuracy of 94%

Why Simpleem is different?

We help identify win/lose patterns in behavior with the greatest impact on outcomes.
Simpleem is your invisible AI-Coach, guiding how to boost performance and execution
To detect all behavioral (verbal and non-verbal) signals
To infer our models on real world data and translate behavioral insights into concrete business metrics
real business conversations with labeled results used
To measure behavioral signals precisely and interpret them objectively
In identifying really impactful patterns and success prediction
accuracy achieved
datapoints analyzed

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"Simpleem is one of Top AI Startups in 2023"
"The Best AI Sales Tool for Meetings in 2023"
"Must Known AI Tool for Revenue Leaders"
"One of the 20 notable AI companies at TCDisrupt"

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