Implement Artificial Emotional Intelligence to Grow with Simpleem

Power your services and products with Interaction-Analysis AI to enhance your Portfolio and Customer Experience

Why partnering with Simpleem?

Measure immeasurable to make non-obvious clear. Simpleem allows to make cues quantitative and connectable with metrics
Partners get a powerful Not-for-Resell (NFR) account with full platform features for internal usage and showcasing. No more assumptions, only evidence-based measurable data
Differentiate Your Business
Simpleem is developer of proprietary AI-Engine called Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) for measuring ALL signals and translating behavior into concrete business performance
We provide competitive commission rate to help your business grow. Our guidance and support will help you to sell with minimum efforts
New Era of Data-driven Interactions
"Evidence-based" Customer Understanding
High Commission & Support

How we will grow together?

  • $250 000
    Average Initial Contract Value (ICV)
    per Customer
  • $1 000 000
    Avg. Total Contract Value (TCV) in 12-18 months after ICV signing
  • Up to 30%
    Commission for every new,
    upsell/cross-sell deal

How to become a partner

Complete the application helping us to identify resonating points
Pass screening and sign a Partnership Agreement
Complete Onboarding
Dive deeper into our platform and start using it on a daily basis
Start securing deals and grow
Boost your business with Simpleem AEI